Wednesday, 8 May 2019

Today at Mystica Art Studio

Today, I decided to keep you all in the loop. Many things happen at Mystica and I thought I would share some things with you.I will try to be more consistent from now on and share some of our journey. I hope you can relate to at least some experiences, funny and sad, up and down, struggles and successes, but always trying to focus on the beautiful things in life. There are many. Sometimes the world seems to be completely upside down. The priorities are are muddled up. How do we keep creative and inspired?

Last night we had a great class with quite a few new students. The ambiance was warm and positive and very calm. The evening classes always seem to be soft and relaxed.

This morning we are working on a proposal for a mosaic wall. We need to depict a story that begun in the 1940's and continues today. It's a long and mostly tragic story condensed into 2 x 1.5m (approximately). This is a huge challenge. I won't tell you the story yet. We were requested to end the story with some light, expressing a feeling of hope for the future, so we are debating how to express this in the most effective way. When working as a team, a couple who both have ideas about how to express a story,  it's quite a process to agree on a final decision. We always start with a direction and let it develop from there as we work. Somehow we always end up with a similar vision. Then there are technical challenges, which are almost easier to solve as there is always a 'best' way of doing something.

Over the weekend we had the privilege of attended a life cycle event. It was very meaningful and beautifully expressed. A child's passage to adulthood. The facilitator is a special person who has assisted us with our family journey over the years. We presented him with a small token of appreciation, a symbolic gift from our studio.

Ceramic pomegranates: symbolizing fruitfulness.

So, let us continue planning this large mosaic wall surface, and I will keep you updated. 

Love from Mystica.

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