Saturday, 28 June 2014

A Raku fire and a rainbow                                                           28/06/14


So, it's Saturday evening and I look back at the week which passed so fast.

I think it was Thursday night Tovi did a Raku fire:

and this is what came out:

On Saturday evening I saw a lovely rainbow which felt like a symbolic ending of a relaxing day, the one day we purposely do absolutely nothing except eat, sleep and contemplate the universe:

Monday, 23 June 2014

Dear friends of Mystica                                                                          23/06/14
We decided to start a blog so we can share with you all the happenings at Mystica.

For some reason, we feel that time is going faster than usual, like some cosmic turbo boost and we are getting confused because it feels like we just start the week and then its already the next Monday.  Does anyone feel the same way? It also seems like we just begin planning the week and its kind of happens on its own......and then we begin a new week with a new plan which falls away while we are creating.

So, let me share some of the plans and maybe you could help us to make them happen!
As those of you who are with us every week know by now........we love experimenting.

Tovi is into the alchemy of glazes and loves to improvise just like with his cooking (a little of this and a little of that and a lot of spices and piment)! The best part of the firing process is to open the kiln after an all night firing session and see the surprises. The most unexpected results are the most enjoyed and appreciated. Of course, we have to find the balance - it takes years of experience and knowledge to be able to get a beautiful surprise! A paradox maybe?

Anyway, so we were thinking about another way to experiment so we can enjoy unexpected results. 

So, we are thinking about glass. We have collected hundreds of bottles and we begin experimenting with re-cycled glass. Our first attempt was interesting:

Shown here together with a ceramic goblet called 'Pisa', the effect was rather funky!
So, our plan is to take this further and experiment together with crushed glass, broken glass, colored glass, glass and clay together, slumping, inlay and more. 

Here are two pictures of a lovely result which Tovi succeeded to get from a wood-fire series in Africa:

That said, our aim is to carefully create a special environment, taking all the elements into account, which will bring out the best results for the melted materials. 

  Other than this, I thought I would post a picture of last week Wednesday's session, which was kind of magical and we all got so carried away we continued till 10 pm. 

Lets see what surprises we get from this project called 'The Joints Project '. The objective is to show the Joint, rather than to hide it. Thank you to Natacha for bringing her box of car are such a good sport. Stephanie's table was filled with work as she took the challenge to its fullest and Lynn, showing her skills, working around a cone with as many joints as she can create. 

Thank you for a beautiful evening.