Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Collective madness                                        12/08/14

So, the 6th Raku workshop and its just getting crazier and more beautiful.

We coincided with a mega full moon (yes it was intentional), which made everything even more magical. 

We started at 2pm, with finishing and glazing while listening to good music to get us into the groove.

 The atmosphere was really good and positive with vibrations of excitement and anticipation. We are aware that the result is unknown and always unexpected and we need to be prepared for cracks, breaks and explosions!

As the twilight entered, so did some friends, who made the evening extra special with their presence.

Thank you Eva and Thabo, Diego and Matisse for participating and contributing to the harmonious ambience.

Then came the fire.....or fires I should say as we managed to complete 4 firings with the amount of work the students produced. You were all so prolific!

We made pizza and I think we succeeded in devouring about twenty between all of us...... the woman in the kitchen shifting between grating, slicing, cutting, mixing, talking, laughing, nibbling and spreading. 

As the creations were lifted out of the fire, glowing hot at 1000 degrees, with the huge moon staring down at us, I really think one could sense the magic and mysterious all around us.

The results were extraordinary. But we will have to wait for some good pictures (thanks to Stephanie), to show you all. In the meantime, I have one close up of a beautiful effect on Natacha's piece.

The next workshop starts on the 27th August...........