Monday, 27 October 2014

Ceramic drums, art, sounds from clay

Here is a picture of one of the 'Musical Mud' series - Bells.

This is a more decorative piece.....rather than a real instrument, it is a ceramic design piece.

Below is so far the largest of all. I pictured it with a coffee cup to give an idea of the size.

We named it the 'Dwong' - it has a lovely hollow sound, almost an under water beat.

Congratulations to Eddy on a wonderful night at Le Phar.
Happy birthday to Menwar, our favorite singer and percussionist.
Here is a picture of a little jamming at Le Phar.......may there be many more musical evenings like this one!

Sunday, 26 October 2014

Ceramic drums and mosaic fish!

Well, we have been away........not really.
Away from cyberspace and busy on the ground!
Tovi has been creating some crazy Africa drums. A Nigerian ceramic drum called an 'Udu'.
He seems to love the process and is continuing to make another and another. Each one has it's own sound.

We call this series 'Musical Mud'.
 Lets give names to them, to make them easier to remember: This one is the 'Bubble'.

The 'Menwar' - because Menwar liked it so Tovi gave it to him as a gift on his birthday. Menwar, our much loved percussionist and singer.

The 'neck' has a special sound and is larger than it looks on the picture.

The 'double-doo' is a two- in -one with copper glaze.

Than there is the 'wugnu' and the 'dwong', which I will have to post tomorrow, as I have no pictures yet. But, you get the idea......they are fun. We will experiment with a drum circle........or Udu circle jam and see what happens.

Also, we completed the 'fish' mosaic motif mosaic for a private client's beach villa in the West.

It was a lot of work and a lot of fun. I think its a happy mosaic and the feel is more simple than our usual work.........although it is quite complex to create.

So, more tomorrow, and news of the next workshops for November.........