Sunday, 11 December 2016


A big congratulations to our student Stephanie Desvauxlejuge for her success at the Third Dot Metaform exhibition at Rogers House, Port Louis.

Your work reflected how much you learned at Mystica - conceptually and technically.

And you expressed the 'Joints Project' so well:

Mystica Art Studio wishes you all the success you deserve in the future.......spread your wings!


Thursday, 26 May 2016


Yes, I haven't visited my blog for a very long time. I've been kind of lost for words.

In the search for simplicity I find much complexity.
I long for the basics.
The distance is too far between the food on my table and the source of it.
I want to go fishing, to plant our own vegetables, to spend free time doing art.

Instead, we spend our time running after cash.

Here are some pictures of our attempts at simplicity.........far from perfect, but closer to the source......I miss those times.......I dream about these times and try to find a way to do it again......even better, with everything we have learned.........

The paradox.......the simplest things are hardest to achieve, in the context of today.

Let me know your thoughts......about this there anyone out there thinking the same?